Why Choose Us


Our company, Alton Construction is one of the most trusted company in Denver, CO. We have a strong lifetime passion to what we do and we take care of all phases of a new build or remodeling life cycle - from design to delivery, from first meeting to finished project.


Client and service company - we’ve been both sides. We always try to keep balance in our work so our suppliers and contractors become a great collaborative team to lead every project to success. Our aim is to become a general contractor in Denver  area, so we do our best to have more and more pleased clients. We are always thankful for their testimonials.


In Alton Construction we are sure: there are no big or small jobs - every project is fully important. Every house, room or apartment must be comfortable, awesome and made for everyday living so if you need new architecture, a bathroom or kitchen remodel or something simple like Flooring,Tile,Plumbing etc, we will make it perfect. We have the knowing how it’s must be done according to the rules, and the creativity how it should be done using new technologies and methodologies. Our projects are our face - so we use all our constructors skills to make it shine.

Who We Are

Alton Construction Group has accumulated 27 years of experience performing high level of Construction and projects management.

We love what we do and we are great at that! We get to design your dreams, to build your thoughts in the real world and craft your feelings into your own home. Alton construction believes family, integrity and high level of performance.

The most important element is our connection with our customers.

Our promise to you in Denver as a contracting company is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.