homeAlton Construction, Littleton is the company which is specializing in all facets of home construction. Whatever you need – to build the new house and rebuild the old one, we are ready to help. Our experience, skills and professional team – project management, designers, builders, craftsmen and laborers – are here to solve any of your problems. Remodel a kitchen, bathroom, basement or build something from scratch – every project is suitable for us. We also know how to save you money in constructing and we’ll share this knowing with you.

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Ask your neighbors – some of them in Littleton have already deal with us. Check out our testimonials and imagine all these happy families who already made their dream house become a reality.


valentines-heartTake any interior magazine and choose any good looking house – we will make your house looking like in that picture. We are involved in every step and every nail is always hammered under the supervision.

Sharone Biton, Alton Construction SEO, a man of principles and faith: 

“We at Alton Construction work very hard to give you exactly what you want, while always being cognizant of your budget and time. We don’t just build homes, we build relationships.”

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call-answer (2) We would love to come out to your property and give you a free, no obligation estimate on any project that you are curious about. We will listen to you first of all, than after taking the notes, measurements and trusting years of our experience we will give you the most accurate estimate possible for whatever your project needs are.

Trust and happy clients – what we are working for day up to day to reaffirm every year the name of general contractor in littleton CO.

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