Repairing or replacing an unstable deck or fence is one of the best ways to spice up your home. A deck is often the focal point of your home and should be kept in the best condition possible. Our team is highly skilled in many types of deck repair, fence repair and new installation.

The appearance of decks and fences can receive a significant amount of damage over time if they’re not properly maintained. Proper inspection for issues such as mildew, dirt and sun damage, as well as rotten wood, are essential in deck and fence maintenance over the long haul. We can take a look at the wood and determine what types of deck repairs or fence repairs are needed, and our seasoned team of skilled carpenters can get them taken care of for you.

As one of the sturdiest outdoor materials, wrought iron railing makes a great choice for your outdoor railing. If you haven’t properly maintained your wrought iron railing or are looking to add additional railing, our skilled craftsmen can help you out with any repair or installation that is needed. 


We are happy to give you a free consultation. Just give us a call and we’ll come to you house, listen to your problems, than after taking the notes and measurements we’ll give you the best decision accourding to our experience, knowledge and modern technologies.