At Alton Construction, we specializing in all facets of home construction. We build the new and rebuild the old. One of the important directions of Alton Construction company, situated in Washington Park , is to increase the strength and reliability of objects while maintaining the affordability of the construction. By choosing our company as your partner, you can be sure of our honesty and integrity. Each customer we provide full information on the timing of the work, the types of products used, as well as the final value.Photo May 05, 9 00 39 PM

Washington Park 

In Washington Park, we have completed projects for satisfied residential and commercial customers. Below are a few examples of the work we have completed for your neighbors.

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valentines-heartAll the products we use – is certified materials supplied by leading manufacturers. The coefficient of depreciation is low. Cooperating with us, customers are always protected from any difficulties and problems that arise in one way or another in the process of construction. We advise with the future owners of the house, but are addressing all the problems only by yourself.

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call-answer (2)We would love to come out to your property and give you a free, no obligation estimate on any project that you are curious about. We are open for cooperation and will be glad to help realize your dream of your own cozy and comfortable home. It offers qualified professionals who will provide you with professional advice, help to develop the most suitable for your family residential project and begin to implement it into practice as soon as you are ready.