For people with disabilities it is very important to feel like you can no longer depend on family and friends. Any obstacle that ordinary people will go unnoticed, whether it is a step, a threshold or a pit, for the disabled can be overwhelming.

The ideal situation for a person in a wheelchair will shower with floor drains on the floor. In many countries, this shower is popular for the past many decades, we have also a new trend for bathrooms: showers, without the pallet (flush with the floor).

Special sewer drain in the floor will help get rid of the puddles of water, dampness and mold. With this modernization will be comfortable to take a shower and the elderly.

For people in wheelchairs will be convenient to use the attached or mobile seat for showering. It is necessary to take care of the soft seats and rubber floor mats.

We have a great experience in constracting bathrooms for disabled people. We understand the importance of a good project and its implementation. Call us to have a free consultation.