Walk-in showers are elegant and functional for any type of bathroom. Whether you also have a bathtub or just this area, your decor will be functional and chic. 

Advantages of a walk-in shower:

  • Any angle may be a shower. Equipping shower area without cab, you can not be attached to a standard size and shape, and to involve inconvenient areas: under the eaves of the roof, in the cavern, etc.
  • More space. Shower - cumbersome design, "eats" place. In contrast, the shower area looks like part of the room, especially if it is fenced off by a glass partition or a door. In addition, you can provide integrated and hinged shelves, seats, niches, hooks.
  • More opportunities for decoration. When planning, take care of the shower area that has light. The standard cab is necessary to pick up a long interior bathroom in the apartment, and the shower area can be, for example, to put the same tile as the entire bathroom, or, conversely, to make the contrast with respect to the basic design. In this case, the shower area will not look alien, and will be a highlight of the interior.
  • Saving. Equip the shower area will be cheaper than to buy ready-made booth. Of course, the price depends on the features and design, but there is an opportunity to save: to give up the pallet, waste pipe or replace curtain walls.

At Alton Construction we make every walk-in shower a masterpiece.