Stainless steel appliances are still in vogue but appliances that blend in with your kitchen cabinets or with panels that match your cabinets are gaining popularity. Built-in, hidden and extra smaller appliances are moving into other areas of your home like a butlers pantry near to your entertaining area, a wine cooler alongside your bar or microwaves built in the lower cabinets or in a microwave drawer or really contemporary microwave oven designs like this one.


Lighting style also plays a large part in a modern or transitional style of kitchen. No longer is just one large light fixture in the center of the cooking space enough. A more layered approach with lights under the cabinets, under the counters, inside the appliance garage along with track lighting or beautiful yet functional pendant lighting.


Islands are a central feature in almost every modern kitchen design. We often add eating space right into your island or perhaps an additional sink area right next to the stove for the professional cooks.


Modern kitchens can really be any color and is much more a matter of preference. Grey wood painted or stained cabinets are very trendy right now with earthy and neutral tones. Monochromatic always makes a great modern statement, and as do wild and bright colors utilizing tangerine, bright reds, yellow, bright blue and lime green.  There’s nothing wrong with mixing styles. Our projects often use one wood color for the main cabinets and offset the island with a complementary or contrasting color choice.

We are happy to give you a free consultation. Just give us a call and we’ll come to you house, listen to your problems, than after taking the notes and measurements we’ll give you the best decision accourding to our experience, knowledge and modern technologies.