Alton Construction has accumulated 27 years of experience performing high level of construction, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling basement finish, home remodeling home additions and projects management.

We love what we do and we are great at that! We get to design your dreams, to build your thoughts in the real world and craft your feelings into your own home. Alton Construction  believes family, integrity and high level of performance.

The most important element is our connection with our customers. Collaboration between all of the members of our team with you, our honored customer, professionally and respectfully throughout the project phase is a tremendous key point to your satisfaction and our delivery.

Alton Construction team consist the top project management skilled people in the industry, who will step in right at the beginning and move with you heal and toe to ensure maximum satisfaction and happiness. To some of you remodeling your house is a lifetime journey. We respect it!! To others it is just another project. We deliver it!

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